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We focus on achieving business results. Soluzen analysis approaches and recommendations in maintaining your site are driven by Soluzen expertise in web since 1999. With innovative approaches and advanced methodologies, Soluzen provides scalable business solutions to help you achieve success through revenue increase, unique and positive user satisfaction by letting you taking care of your core business.


Please review our standard web maintenance solutions below:


Silver Packages:

Option 1 - Pay per Incident

Pay for web site maintenance as needed based on our hourly rates of US$50.

(This plan is as simple as it gets, you send us a request, we provide you with an estimate how much it will cost, you confirm the price, and we make the changes and bill you as agreed at hourly rate)

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Option 2 - Six-month Plan

Six months maintenance assessed at US$45.00 per hour assuming up to 1 (one) hour web site maintenance per month. 6 month x US$45 = US$270.00 (6 hours/6 months)

(This plan covers all textual changes to existing web site, including adding up to two pages to your existing website)

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Option 3 - One-year Plan

Twelve months maintenance assessed at US$40.00 per hour assuming up to 1 (one) hour maintenance per month. 12 x 40 = US$480.00

(This maintenance plan covers all textual changes to your web site. In design changes we add new pages, removing existing pages and changing layout per request)

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 Alternatively, purchase our Platinum Maintenance package and save up to 70%


 Platinum Packages:

Package Description 6 Month Annual

Super Light

5 hours/month + 1 free hours

(at only $20/hour)

US$600 US$1,200


10 hours/month + 3 free hours

(at only $20/hour)

US$1,200 US$2,400


20 hours/month + 5 free hours

(at only $20/hour)

US$2,400 US$4,800

30 hours/month + 7 free hours

(at only $20/hour)

US$3,600 US$7,200


40 hours/month + 10 free hours

(at only $17/hour)

US$4,080 US$8,160

Heavy Extra

50 hours/month + 15 free hours

(at only $15/hour)

US$4,500 US$9,000

Additional Bonuses:

  • Heavy Extra clients in total have 65 hours support and professional assistance throughout the month.
  • If you own several websites or you've got numerous online projects - you can buy one package for all of them. The hours will be distributed between the projects in accordance with your preferences within your package limit.

Alternatively, you can purchase our Annual Web Site Maintenance package. If you choose this one, you can save up to 70%. Likewise, you will gain another important advantage: web site maintenance service is guaranteed not to be interrupted in case you have trouble with monthly payment. For the whole year your website will be thoroughly taken care of by the professionals in the web development field, and you may not be prey to fear of sudden technical incidents. If you think that certain time frames make things more complicated - please contact us to apply for Pay per Incident service we provide.


  • Fantastico auto-installations and site updates as required

  • Integrity checking (re-testing) of the web site after every change

  • Retaining a full backup copy of the web site

  • Fast 1 24 hours response time

  • Possibility to request urgent work on holidays and week-ends

  • 24-hour emergency communication channel

  • Free estimation and your prior approval of any task requested

  • No setup fee

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