Web Development Rates & Policy

$65.00 per hour (minimum web design time charge is 15 hours = $975)

The hourly web work charge for any later content changes (update) work required by you, or web site maintenance services required for your site will be performed at $50.00 per hour (after initial design we completed).

We charge simply by the actual time involved, at an hourly rate, which is $65.00 per hour for the time that we spend to custom design your project. This way you pays for only the services that suit your needs, not a penny more (note: Non-Profit Organizations - rate adjusted to $50.00 per hour).

Chargeable time is based on hourly rate multiplied by the time spent on design, and any consultation work.

Payment for hourly web services will be billed in 12-hour (or less) increments as the web work is done, or while in the process of being done as arranged with you in advance of any such web work. Therefore, as your requested web work is performed, an invoice will be sent to you for payment. If comprehensive web site work is involved, multiple invoices may then apply.

We will need you to sign our web services agreement for your web services. A copy can be faxed to you, or mailed to you for further review upon your request (it is the information you are now reading - on paper).

We will certainly work within your budget to create the Web Site. Since any Web Site is only for sale to the customer it was designed for, we require the sum of $975.00 US dollars in advance to begin the web design work. The $975.00 dollars is for 15 hours advance deposit to your hourly web design.

This amount is a required 'good faith' deposit (and also our retainer to hire us) which will be accounted for in your final Web Site cost. The final cost will be the total number of actual hours spent working on your Site multiplied by the hourly web design rate of $50.00 dollars. A considerable effort is put into developing each and every Site. This entire amount is non-refundable, even if you later decide to cancel the web work for any reason (Meaning: most people do not like to waste someone's time - We Will NOT Waste Your Time). Please take note that no sites will be created by us that involve less than the minimum 15 hours work.

Web Design & Development:
Web Design for Businesses $65 per hour (minimum 15 hours design time charge) - $50 per hour design time afterward

Web Design for Personal/Non-profit Organization $50 per hour


Web Services:
Flash Animation: $150 per hour

HTML Programming $50 per hour

Script Programming (Perl/CGI/Visual Basic, etc) $100 per hour

Site Testing/Finding Bugs $50 per hour

PDF Creation $0.50 per page


Web Database:
Database Setup - one time $400

Database Data Entry $40 per hour

Database SQL Programming $150 per hour


eCommerce Web Sites:
Full packages available, including custom programming (please contact us) $4995

Image Production:

Graphic Designs: $75 per hour

Logos: $150 per hour ($25 per hour design time after 3 hours)

Animated (.gif) Images $50 per hour

Digital Photography Enhancement $25 per hour

Image/Photo Touch ups $25 per hour

Custom Graphics $75 per hour

Domain Name Registration Services
Custom Domain: 1 Year - $20
$15/year if registering more than 3 years.

Domain Name Transfer Service (If Customer Does Not Have Current, Accurate Account Information) = $50

http://yourcompany.soluzen.com: Free (with hosting purchase)

Additional Hosting Services:
1 GB per Month Data Transfer/Bandwidth = $5
5 GB per Month Data Transfer/Bandwidth = $20
50 MB Disk Storage = $5

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